Hey Xclusive Babes!

Hey Officially Xclusive Babes,

My name is Ariel! I’m your go-to hairstylist, and owner of Officially Xclusive. I have over 8 years of professional experience and still highly active as well as continuing education as needed. I started Officially Xclusive in 2018 with the idea that styling hair just isn’t enough, and people need quality products to achieve the astonishing looks they’re going for. I searched for years and tested multiple vendors until I found the most exquisite one with the best quality to meet each and every customer's needs.

xoxo, Ari


Here at Officially Xclusive, we take pride in ensuring that each interaction leaves every customer satisfied. We provide high quality hair extensions, services and elite customer care. Our goal is to provide a mental relaxation for our clients in a clean and inviting environment.